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ValetPRO 24Plus Ceramic Coating 30 ml

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24Plus Ceramic Coating has been developed for its ease of use without compromising durability.


24Plus Ceramic Coating has been developed for its ease of use without compromising durability. 24Plus Ceramic Coating offers in excess of 2 years protection when subject to safe wash processes. 24Plus has been specially formulated to offer slower flash times which drastically reduces the potential for leaving high spots during application.


  • Easy to apply formulation
  • 2+ years durability
  • Provides hydrophobic protection for impressive water beading


  1. Invert the coating bottle 3 times before opening.
  2. Wrap an applicator suede around the applicator block.
  3. Evenly apply a few drops of the coating on to the suede.
  4. Spread the coating evenly across 40cm x 40cm of a panel at a time.
  5. Buff the coating as it flashes before applying to next section (flash time within 1 to 3 minutes dependent on application temperature).
  6. Once the whole vehicle has been coated allow the coating to cure in a controlled indoor environment for at least 12 hours before driving.

Please note: ValetPRO 24Plus Ceramic Coating offers 24+ months of protection when pH neutral safe wash routines are adhered to. 24Plus is to be stored in a cool dry place. Once open, 24Plus is to be used within 30 days.

Precautions: Do not apply in direct sunlight or if the vehicles surface is hot. Gloves and respiratory protection should be worn. Do not re-use applicator suedes or cloths used to buff the coating.



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