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Soft99 New Fabric Seat Cleaner 400 ml

Saatavuus: Varastossa

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All-rounder for cleaning and refreshing fabric upholstery.



A real all-rounder for cleaning and refreshing fabric upholstery. Designed to effectively remove dirt and restore fabric to flawless cleanliness. Its formula is enriched with antibacterial ingredients which penetrate fibers, and neutralizing additives dealing with unpleasant odors. It can be used in bonnet cleaning method. Fabric Seat Cleaner has a subtle mint fragrance that will make the process more pleasant and enhance the effect of cleanliness inside your car. Since it is water-based and does not contain any harmful substances, it is completely safe for users. Retail packaging includes a special brush to be used in case of stubborn dirt.


  1. Set up the nozzle to MIST.
  2. Spray it 15-20 cm away from the seats or mats and rub it with the included brush. The area where you spray will bubble.
  3. Wipe off the bubble and dirt with a clean towel before the surface gets dry.
  4. Dry completely and then the entire process will be done.



Tuottaja Soft99
Tuotekoodi 02080
EAN 4975759020806
Paino 0.5150
Mitat / Tilavuus 400 ml / pullo
Valmistusmaa Japani

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