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Soft99 Max Wash 4Pockets Format Cloth

Saatavuus: Varastossa

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Highly absorbent towel that can be used in various ways.


MaxWash 4Pockets Cloth – is a highly absorbent towel that can be used in various ways. When unfolded, it can dry large areas very quickly, but can also be folded to be used when drying coated vehicles. The design of MaxWash 4Pockets makes drying the paint never so pleasant and the structure of 4Pocekt makes working with the towel less tiring. The towel is made of polyester and nylon, which makes the product absolutely delicate. Long and fleshy bristles (4mm) allow for effective work without streaks and scratches.

Dims: 640 x 230 mm


  1. Put both hands in your pockets, the towel adapts to the contours and dries large areas.
  2. Easy to fit to the surface makes it easy to dry awkward areas.
  3. The product also absorbs well on glass surfaces.
  4. When folded, the towel can increase the absorbing power.



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