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QJUTSU Ultrasoft Sponge

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A special sponge designed for car washing. Revolutionary triple-layer structure.


A special sponge designed for car washing. The top layer with its high permeability strongly absorbs any cleaning products used. Dense structure of the highly durable middle layer lets the air through, creating a very rich foam. The bottom layer does not allow any fluid to go through it, resulting in the foam coming out, and more effective use of the cleaning product.


  • Revolutionary triple-layer structure.
  • Ultra-soft stippled cleaning layer with excellent permeability draws foam out onto the surface to gently lift away dirt.
  • Dense, elastic core efficiently creates and holds a rich and creamy foam.
  • Backing layer has lower permeability to keep foam flowing towards the surface.


  1. Before use, make sure to thoroughly rinse the car with water of any dust, dirt or other residues.
  2. Always use QJUTSU Ultrasoft Sponge with car-dedicated shampoos.
  3. Squish the sponge to build-up foam and use it to wash the car carefully.


Tuottaja Soft99
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