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Polisher Flex PXE 80 10.8-EC/2.5 Set

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The smart cordless polisher 10,8 V, rotary and random orbital free-running.


  • For rotary and random orbital free-running work with 3 and 12 mm stroke.
  • Innovative, tool-free quick-change system for the exchange of drive types rotary and random orbital.
  • Flexible and easy as never before from spot sanding to finishing without creating any holograms with one tool.
  • The ideal complement device for every vehicle finisher, varnisher and the spot repair area.
  • Perfect ergonomics and flexible grip options because of ist ideally placed softgrip surfaces.
  • Brushless motor with greater efficiency and a longer service life.
  • Continuous speed control trigger: for a gentle start and a lock-on for continuous operation.
  • Features constant speed control and four speed stages, Display by LED clearly visible.
  • Electronic management system (EMS) protects the machine, extends the service life, and increases efficiency.
  • Vibration optimization for smoother operation.
  • Cushioned special velcro pads for polishing and grinding.
  • Shock protection ring to protect surfaces.
  • LED battery capacity display.
  • FLEX battery system: suitable for all FLEX 10,8 V battery packs.


Max. polishing pad diameter
80 mm
Max. back-up pad diameter
75 mm
No load speed
400-2000/-3000/-4000/-5800 rpm
Orbit rate, no load
800-4000/-6000/-8000/-11600 opm
Battery voltage
10.8 V
Battery capacity
2.5 / 4.0 Ah
Number of supplied batteries
2 Cont.
With charger
Size (W x L x H)
265 x 65 x 95 mm
Weight without battery pack
0.6 kg

Standard supply

  • 1x Rotary adapter DT-P
  • 1x Adapter eccentrically free-running, 3 mm stroke DT-XF 3
  • 1x Free spin random orbital adapter, 12 mm stroke DT-XF 12
  • 1x Special adhesive pad, cushioned BP-M/SR D30 PXE
  • 1x Special hook-and-loop pad, cushioned
  • 2x Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack 10,8 V
  • 1x Rapid charger CA 10.8/18.0
  • 1x Carrying case L-BOXX
  • 1x Case insert TKE PXE 80 10.8-EC


Tuottaja Flex
Tuotekoodi 418102
EAN 4030293180581
Paino 1.8000
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