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Fallout remover Bilt Hamber Korrosol 5 l

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A controlled pH non-alkaline fallout remover for the safe and effective removal of embedded metallic particles that contaminate the vast majority of road going vehicles.



korrosol is a powerful pH balanced fallout remover that effortlessly removes embedded metallic particles from vehicle paint work. Nearly all vehicles are contaminated in this way as metallic fallout is generated from vehicle braking surfaces, industrial fallout and rail carriages. It is important to remove the fallout from paint surfaces as the process of rust and corrosion will swell the embedded particle causing deterioration of the paint film around the site.

korrosol is recommended before claying, it’s an extremely quick process – the product is applied by spray and left to react – a deep purple colouration will occur in the presence of contamination – this is a side effect of the chelation process that when complete the particles are simply rinsed off with low pressure water or pressure washer. The paint work will feel remarkably smoother and ready for completion with clay bar, polish or wax.

korrosol may also be used to remove light or flash corrosion where it ability to render iron oxide water soluble will facilitate rapid corrosion removal.

  • Non-acid non alkaline decontamination spray.
  • The 1 litre korrosol is supplied with a trigger spray for ease of application.
  • Easy to use colour changing formulation.
  • No touch cleaning of heavily contaminated coatings.


  1. Use on cool surfaces.
  2. Test on small inconspicuous area before use.
  3. Spray liberally over section to be treated. Reaction time is temperature dependent usually between 15 seconds to 5 minutes. The chelating process is indicted by a change in colour from clear to deep purple.
  4. Once no further colour deepening has occurred the area can be power-washed or rinsed off, if you are treating flash corrosion on non-painted surfaces agitation with a brush after colour change is useful.
  5. If corrosion remains repeat process, heavier corrosion may take several applications.

Do not apply to chromed plastic wheel centres or chrome plastic or chrome films as the conductive materials may be removed.


Tuottaja Bilt Hamber
Tuotekoodi 5ltr korrosol
Paino 6.0000
Mitat / Tilavuus 5 l / kanisteri
Valmistusmaa Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta

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